VEC-550 The boss's wife is so delicious

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Morita is Kintaro's junior. The two also attended the same school so they are very close. So Kintaro often took him to his house for dinner and drinks. But Kintaro never expected that Morita would be fascinated with the body of his wife, Natsu. Today, because he was too drunk, Kintaro fell asleep without realizing it. Taking this opportunity, Morita immediately squeezed the big breasts that he had been waiting for for so long and confessed his feelings to Natsu. Natsu repeatedly refused, but her superficial actions showed the complete opposite. Morita easily touched Morita's entire body, put his hand into her pussy, and kissed her. When Kintaro returned to his bedroom, there were only two people left here. They no longer held back, both took off all their clothes, ready for intense sex even though Natsu's husband was in the next room. And from then on, the two continued to fuck each other every chance they got. Although he knows that if this is discovered, Natsu's current happy life will end and Morita's career will also be in danger. No need for love or affection, what both want is just the intense pleasure of sex...

VEC-550 The boss's wife is so delicious

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